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Nail Polish Finds-LA Colors

Today, I stumbled upon a dusty treasure chest of awesome nail polish. Let me tell you about it! Okay, I checked my e-mail at work today and saw that I had spent 25 dollars at Sally Beauty Supply in May so they sent me a coupon for 15% off my entire purchase. Cool, so then the plan would be to go there after work and get one polish. When I got home after work, I decided to take a short 30 minute nap :-) and then go to Sally's. After waking up and getting on the road, I decided to stop by the Drug Emporium which was in the same shopping center. Wow, I'm glad I never stepped foot inside Sally's because this place hit me upside the head with their selection! It looks like a innocent, old dusty little grocery/drug store but when I found their "professional nail care" aisle I had to stifle a shout of joy. Old (I'm talking Chicago collection) and new collections of OPI, including that Colorama one, China Glaze, Orly, CND nail treatments, Seche Vite, Sally Hansen, NYX and LA Colors....and I'm probably still leaving out some stuff. And all of it is fairly cheap! I got three polishes from LA Colors for 99 cents apiece, those LA Colors nail art polishes I have been wanting forever for 1.71 and some cuticle sticks. All for the price of one polish at Sally's. My total was 5.71! I'm heading back to that place soon, what I got was just the tip of the iceberg hopefully.


Rai said...

I love those colors! Nice find.

Lucy said...

Pretty colors. You better get back there fast.

adorepink said...

Rai and Lucy, thanks! I will be back there this weekend, hopefully. I had to hold myself back from going today. lol

Denny said...

Not bad, I'm ready to see your swatches. I just love a good find. :-)

deepak said...

British racing green is one of my favorite FAVORITE colors!
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