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LA Girl Rockstar | Punk

I'm on the fence about this one. I think its just because I thought it was purple in the dimly lit store I bought it in. There's a dusty old grocery store in my town that still has price stickers on everything but is a hidden gem filled with OPI, Orly, China Glaze, LA Girl polishes and all kinds of nail treatments. So I put up with the less than ideal lighting conditions. Now Punk is a gorgeous color for what its worth, I just expected a purple. So here it is...

With flash indoors:

It looks different here:

Punk is a blue polish packed with blue and purple glitter. It took three coats to achieve the color in the bottle. I want to try other colors from this line, a lot of them are really unique looking. You can check out the rest of the colors at Cherry Culture where they are on sale for $2.80!


Nailene Goodies! Review...

So I was sent some products to review from Nailene and look what a pretty bag they came in:
The contents inside the bag:

So I'm pretty excited about these products, but especially the Couture nails (style 71165). They have black zebra tips and they are really cute. However, the first set of nails I tried was French finish, the third box from the left (style 77484).

Here they are individually:
Lets start with what I love about these nails.
  • There's 36 nails in 18 sizes, that means you, yes you should be able to find nails that fit!
  • On the back of the box, it says they are designed "flex to fit" either flat nails or high arched nails.
  • The pinkish tint to the nails didn't even look weird against my skin tone
With that said, on to the pictures!

Above: The nails on my pink DayMinder. Yes I plan my life in pink. Or I like to think so.

I think these nails look great! The whole process took me less than 30 minutes and I've noticed that I can get a week's wear from Nailene nails. Overall, I think they are one the best at home nail kits you can buy. They get an A from me. You can find out more about Nailene at their website. Do you wear fake nails? Ever tried Nailene nails? Let me know!

I'll be posting the other nail kits pictured above later so check back later if you'd like to see them!

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