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Cover Girl Bronzed Beauty

On my seemingly never ending search for a gold polish that looks good on my hands, I bought Cover Girl Bronzed Beauty. Unfortunately it is the ugliest color I've bought since Petites Pink Crush and I hate it. It looks like a olive and dirty penny had a ugly love child on my nails.

Cover Girl, there's nothing beautiful about this Bronze Beauty. I don't know who this would look good on.

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Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Spark

This is the polish I got at the CVS Beauty Sale. I love this color, I really do. It looked really purple in the store, but on my nails it looks blue.

What I don't like about this manicure is the shrinkage I got, the very next day. I did two coats + Seche and it looks like I've had this polish on for at least 3-4 days! I'll even be brave and show it to you.

Yeah...that's pretty bad for the day right after you painted your nails. I just wont use Seche with this color? Well, I hope you make it to the sale to pick up some SH Lacquer shines. Let me know what you get!

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China Glaze Black Diamond

This is the other polish I won in Landa's Bright Lights Big Color contest. Black Diamond is a shimmer and is a part of China Glaze's core line. 

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Cover Girl Shine Blast Lip Gloss Review

I received my Bzz Agent kit last week with my Cover Girl samples and wanted to do a review of the Shine Blast lip gloss. By the way, if you're a blogger and you're not signed up with Bzz Agent, then what are you waiting for? This is my second sample I've received from them and I really like the website. Check it out! 

On to the review. I picked Shine Blast lip gloss in Radiate, pictured below:

Radiate is a very pretty shimmery pink. According to Cover Girl, these Shine Blast lip glosses give you 4x more noticeable shine. Well they're right about that, its shiny alright. However, that gorgeous color is nowhere to be found when applied to the lips. It ends up going on pretty sheer...I'd say clear. Here it is on my hand.

The lip gloss did smell fantastic though; it had a nice fruity smell, like watermelons. It wasn't sticky either which is a plus. However I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for a gloss to give your lips some color. I'll throw it in my purse for quick touch ups, but its not a must have product.

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Its Back! CVS Beauty Sale

I love deals on beauty products as much as the next girl, so when I read on Nouveau Cheap that the CVS Beauty Sale was back I rushed over on Sunday afternoon to check it out. For all you polish addicts out there, select Sally Hansen polishes are on sale, including these gorgeous Lacquer Shines that Scrangie posted about a while ago (I'm talking 2008).

I just picked up two things on this trip:

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine polish in Spark $1.62
Loreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments in Beckoning $2.99

I will defintely be posting the SH polish, but I wanted to show you quick pictures of the HIP Shadow Pigment. This is my first HIP product and when they say High Intensity Pigments, they werent joking. This is the most pigmented eyeshadow I own to date! I kind of want to make nail polish with it...

The included brush:

On my hand:

On my eye, I quickly applied with the included brush:

This is the result with the quick swipe of the brush and minimal product. Wow! Now I want to go back and pick up one of those HIP lip glosses that were 75% off...

Go and check out the CVS Beauty Sale, let me know what deals you find!

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Birthday + Graduation Manicure

This past Saturday, May 15th, I turned 22 and graduated from college on the same day! I was contemplating what to with my nails for the longest (among other things). Earlier in the week I picked up Cover Girl City Lights and decided to layer it over black polish for the big day. The results were stunning, in my humble opinion. As I sat with the other graduates I couldn't stop staring at my nails under those bright lights, haha!

I typically find Cover Girl polishes kind of boring, and I have another one to show you, but this one is beautiful! City lights is a topcoat designed to be layered over colors to create your own look and I think it looks best over darker colors. You're in luck if you like it because CG polishes are everywhere so this one should be inexpensive and not hard to find. I got my bottle for .77 cents + tax because of a coupon I had.

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China Glaze Recycle

Thanks to the contest on the fabulous Bright Lights Big Color  blog I am the proud new owner of two wonderful China Glaze polishes. The one I'm showing today is China Glaze Recycle, an oldie but a goodie. Before I got into nail polish like I am now, I never would have entertained the thought of a gray nail polish. Now, I will accept a gray polish with open arms!

Recycle is a medium gray creme from the China Glaze Spring 2008 Ecollection, which by the way gave us the beautiful blue Shower Together and the gorgeous spring green Tree Hugger.

On to the pictures!

Shown here are two coats of Recycle + Seche Vite. These pictures were taken in about day 3 of the manicure, but the polish is holding up well. What can I say that CG that hasnt already been said? Application was a breeze, the polish flowed onto the nail like butter, dried quickly and is holding up nicely. While this polish is nothing new, I am glad to be able to add it to my collection!

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