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Wet n Wild Candy-licious

This pink creme is nothing to write home about BUT I got it because
  • The name of it is Candy-licious! Too cute! Plus, it does remind me of candy.
  • I like the bottle shape of these new Wet n Wild polishes: short, round, cute.
  • I was running low on one of my favorite pink cremes, OPI I'm India Mood for Love. Although this isnt a dupe, its a great polish for just $1.19!
  • It puts me in a happy spring mood.
On to the pictures!
Indoors (above)
Outdoors (Sun, no flash) 

There's a couple of things I didn't like about this polish. The brush is weird & short. The shortness doesn't bother me though, the brush itself does because the hairs/bristles (whatever you call them) are bad. If you don't let the polish completely dry, that brush will mess up the layer of polish beneath. I dont feel like it spreads the polish around completely across the nail because its not wide enough.

Also, you'll notice in the pictures that I have a bit of tip wear because I had a very busy filing day at work today. I only did this manicure Monday night and my first full day of wear was today (Tuesday)! I don't know if it was the rigorous filing (lol) or the formula that caused the chipping. I'll see how it holds up a few more days maybe.

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Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer: Plum Perfect

Ulta is having a sale on their brand of cosmetics and their polishes are $2 right now! It looks like they have a "summer collection" out but the only thing I noticed that said that was the sign next to the polishes in-store. The reason I say this is apart of a "collection" is because the colors are all bright and are in different bottles from the old Ulta polishes. If you use this  link you can see the other polishes down at the bottom of the color options. These shades must be popular on sale because I was only able to grab Plum Perfect and I really would have liked to get Tutu cute (lilac purple) and Blue Streak (bright blue).

So here's Plum Perfect:

 Indoors (above)

 Outdoors-Sun shot

Outdoors-Shade Shot

This is my first Ulta polish and I must say I wasn't disappointed. The formula is not bad; its not too thick and dries quickly. Plum Perfect could have been opaque in one coat, but I did two here. The brush was fine too, wasn't bushy or have any wild stray hairs. I hate when a color is fabulous, but the brush makes application a nightmare. (Ahem, Maybelline Minty.) The only thing I regret is not being able to get my hands on the other fun shades that I wanted!

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Nina Ultra Pro In a Tiff

I've had In a Tiff for a while now, I won it in a contest from
and I love it.

You've seen this before and you know all about Tiffany's trademark color. Gorgeous blue, what more can I say? Slight shimmer running through it that is really pretty. I can only say that I own two Nina polishes, but I really want more of them because the two colors I own are fabulous.

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Deal: Physicans Formula BOGO Free

Are you a Physicans Formula fan?  If you register with their website through either of these links   or they will instantly send you a BOGO free coupon to use at Target in your e-mail. The coupon is good for any full size Physicians Formula product. I'm interested in these gel eyeliners reviewed on Nouveau Cheap.
They are also drawing winners for a $50 Target gift card daily and every 30 days for a $500 Target gift card, so good luck! I've already signed up. *Fingers crossed*

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Sinful Colors Mint Apple + Comparison

By now, you've all seen the gorgeousness that is Mint Apple. I have been at Walgreens a couple of times and put it in my cart and then didn't purchase it because I wasn't sure if I wanted it. Then, this Friday on a trip to Walgreens, I decided I wanted it once and for all. I scanned the display eagerly but I didn't see it anywhere. "Thats what I get for waiting", I thought to myself and walked off to browse other displays. Before I checked out, I decided to look for Mint Apple one more time and I found the last one! It was hidden behind 3 of some other color I cant remember the name of. I grabbed it up and went the cashier and wouldn't you know, it rang up for half off! Mint Apple, you and I were meant to be.

I thought that Mint Apple and Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion were in the same color family, so I decided to compare them. Now the obvious difference between these two polishes is that Mint Apple has a slight shimmer to it and Ocean Love Potion is a creme. 

Without further ado, here are the comparison pics:

Ocean Love Potion is darker shade than Mint Apple. The other difference between these two is the polish formula. Ocean Love Potion has a thick consistency and Mint Apple is way thinner. With both of these colors, I used two coats and no topcoat. I am definitely loving the mint trend for spring/summer.

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California Mango-Mango Miracle Cuticle Remover

 My cuticles and I haven't been friends in a long time. They've never looked the way I wanted them to and I figured they were going to be a lost cause until I either found a miracle product or visited the professionals. I tried and reviewed  Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover but after a while I stopped using it because I felt like it wasn't giving me the results I wanted. While shopping in Sally's Beauty Supply, I spotted California Mango's Mango Miracle Cuticle Remover. Miracle, you say? Well lets see if you can work one with these cuticles. At $2.79 I figured why not? Earlier that day, I had also picked up a 69 cent cuticle pusher from Walgreens. 

The thing I probably disliked the most about cuticle work during my manicure was using orange sticks to push my cuticles back. I'm almost always out of them more often than not. This sturdy rubber cuticle pusher can be cleaned and used time after time.

The California Mango cuticle remover and the cuticle pusher have proved to be a winning team! I've never been so pleased with my cuticles! The directions on the bottle say to drop small amount in the center of the cuticle and wait about one minute. The remover works by gently loosening the cuticle tissue for push back and removal. I wait one minute and I use my rubber cuticle pusher and the process is a cinch. As an added bonus. the cuticle remover has a light fruity scent that is not annoyingly cheap smelling and overwhelming. I like that. I would definitely repurchase again. If you're in Sally's check it out!

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Freebie Alert!

Do you have a student ID? (If you don't, still keep reading) For a limited time it can get you a freebie at Bath and Body Works! I just got this offer in my e-mail and wanted to pass it on:

 (this is just a picture, there's a link below)

Use this link to print the coupon ---> 
I knew that college was good for something! ;-)

Don't have a student ID? You can still get the lip gloss online. Just use the code STUDENT at checkout.The offer is good through March 21, 2010.

Happy Shopping!

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Sally Hansen Gunmetal

Sally Hansen Gunmetal is a beautiful polish. But thats not why I got this. I got it because it was called Gunmetal. In my head the conversation would go something like this.

Random person: Thats a nice color you have on your nails. What is it?
Me: *low voice* hisses, Gunmetallllll...
Random person: Surprised face :-O Oh, okay...

Okay, so the conversation wouldnt go like that. Oh well. I just wanted to let you know that this color kicks butt and its called Gunmetal. 

Happy Friday!

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Updates! I know I've been M.I.A...

First off, if you're reading this, Hi!! Thanks for supporting/keeping up with Polished Beauty Blog!I havent posted in a while, but its because I've been a really busy bee! This is my last semester as an undergrad (I'll graduate on my 22nd birthday, May 15th!) and I 've been working an internship with a wonderful HIV/AIDS agency. Its only been 8 weeks, but I feel as if working there is really increasing my awareness of the cause and helping me grow as a person. You'll see in the top right hand corner, I've a added a banner from, a wonderful resource for learning more about HIV and AIDS. If you havent been tested, you can enter in your US zipcode and learn where testing facilites are. Since starting my internship, I've gotten tested and let me tell you; its quick and painless! No blood involved and in 20 minutes I had my results. My particular agency offers free testing so check and see if there's free testing in your area! Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox. For now... :-)

Okay, so I'm going to update you guys on some news and what you can expect in the following weeks from Polished Beauty Blog.
  • I'm very happy about something. Whats that you say? I noticed that I have 101 followers! Wow, I'm amazed that so many people are interested in my corner of the web! Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. When I  graduate and get a nice job, you guys will have the the opportunity to enter in a giveaway because I want to celebrate! Think of it as an I.O.U. ;-)
  • Next up, I recently received a blog award from Recessionista of Nouveau Cheap! Since discovering her website I've quickly grown to love and adore this blog. I've bookmarked it because she finds some of the best beauty drugstore deals ever! If youre looking for a drugstore product review before you purchase something, chances are she has it on her blog. At least this is always the case for me! Her reviews are well written and thorough. Love this blog. Thanks for the award and even stopping by my blog!
  •  Upcoming posts: I've recently discovered my new favorite cuticle remover! I purchased California Mango-Mango Miracle Cuticle Remover from Sallys along with a 69 cent cuticle pusher from Walgreens and I have been in love ever since. 
  • Sally Hansen Gunmetal was recently added to my stash. I'm just gonna admit it right now, I bought it simply for the name. I do love the color though. I just wore it all weekend last weekend and I don't want to see it for a while, but you guys will get to see it!
  •  China Glaze Medallion. Fabulous gold glitter I got at Sally's when I happened to stop by one weekend and discovered there were having an additional 50% off sale on clearance items. Can you believe I had the hardest time figuring out what to layer it over? You'll see what I decided soon!
Whew, I think that's everything. I know I haven't been posting a lot but a lot of stuff has been happening in my personal life in addition to the things I just told you about. This has just been a very busy semester! I cant wait until its all over and I can rest. I apologize if I haven't been very active in the Nail Blog Network or commenting on your blog. I do try and go through all the blogs on my dashboard in the mornings though. I'm just continually playing catch up. One day, I'll get it together though.

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Maybelline Minty

Maybelline Minty is the latest from Maybelline and their limited edition Something Sweet collection. Minty is capitalizing on the mint green and pastel nail trends this spring. I've been wanting to try a mint green shade and this is my first polish of that color! 

I love this shade, I really do. However the brush is terrible! It made application a nightmare. Hence, the polish around my cuticles. :-(

This is three thick coats because with the first coat, I realized thin layers was not going to cut it. The first layer was thin and streaky. I think the formula on this polish is weird. Call me crazy, but I'm still interested in the other polishes from the collection. I haven't heard bad things about their brushes, just this color in particular. If you're having trouble finding these at your local drugstore, check out Albertsons! Thats where I found this polish. Alberstons is having a sale on Maybelline polishes and they are $3.21 but there is also a dollar off coupon on the display so that brings the total to $2.21!

Do you want any polishes from Maybelline's Something Sweet collection?

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China Glaze The Ten Man

The Ten Man is from China Glaze's Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection released late last year. I didnt even want any polishes from that collection and happended to pick this up at Sallys on clearance without realizing it was from that collection! Its a bit on the the sheer side, but buildable with layers. Thats not even what I dont like about it though. I dont like that its not shiny, even with my super shiny Poshe topcoat and I think that has something to do with its frosty finish. So distract from the lack of shine, I did a little nail art on this manicure. I just used my black Art Deco nail art polish to add some stripes and polka dots and now I can live with it.

See how sheer it can be?

 Now that I've whipped out some China Glaze and done some nail art, maybe I can get ideas for the Nail Blog Network contest?

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