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LA Colors Electric Charge

(The pictures of this one look dramatically different with the flash. The real color is best represented by the pictures indoors + no flash. Its more of a salmon pink in my opinion.)

Another one of the polishes I found at the drug emporium. What I like about these colors is that for a 99 cent nail polish they stay on pretty well with a coat of Seche Vite. My Atomic manicure stayed on for about 4 days with only small chips on my thumbs until I decided to change it to this. Electric charge is not unique color but it's a shade of pink I don't think I had in my collection yet. This is three coats + Seche Vite. While I was at it, I decided to do a pedicure with this color and I did a white flower on my big toe on both feet. I don't know why I don't soak my feet more often. Putting my feet in warm, vanilla scented water was relaxing and that combined with pushing back my cuticles helped me to have better results, in my opinion.

I wanted to do polka dots but I did a messy job on my left thumb and was discouraged. Oh well.


Brooke said...

Whoa - that color really did change in the flash. I like this polish too, and for only a dollar, you can't beat that!

B said...

Freakin' A, mannnn! A dollar? That is insane.

adorepink said...

Brooke: When I was taking the pics, I was like that is NOT what the polish looks like, so I wanted to show the difference. A dollar for polish is alright with me :-)

B: Yes maam, a dollar. :-)Now you see why I love the drug emporium

Lucy said...

That is a big difference in color. Either one I like anyway. Looks pretty on you.

adorepink said...

Thanks lucy :-)


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