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Zoya Color Lock System

That awesome picture you are looking at is Zoya's Color Lock System! Let me say I was so excited to try this out. Thanks to beauty blogger Brittney over at for making it possible for me to try this out. The system consists of :

  • Zoya Remove + 3 in 1 nail polish remover
  • Zoya Anchor Basecoat
  • Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Basecoat
  • Zoya Armor Topcoat and UV Block
  • Zoya Hurry Up Speed Drying Drops
  • Zoya Restore Polish Rejuvenator

Indoor + Flash

I also received these 3 polishes from Zoya: (L to R) Valentina, Brooke and Lauren. The first polish I picked was Brooke to try with the system. Here is a picture of the 1st day with the Color Lock System + Brooke

Indoor + Flash

My experience with this system was positive. First off, Zoya's Remove is the best nail polish remover I have ever had. It has a pleasant smell, removes the polish fast and doesn't dry my nails out. The ridge filling base coat was great, it made my polish go on very smooth. Some bloggers said they had problems with bubbling but it was not an issue with me.The Armor topcoat is a really good topcoat, it's really shiny. The Hurry Up Drops...well this was my first experience with speed drying drops so I don't have anything else to compare them to. My nails were dry fast, it was just a weird experience. It was like dropping oil on my nails, the only thing I could compare it to.

I'll be updating the blog about how my experience with the Color Lock System goes, it will be hard to keep this polish on with my nail polish ADD. :-)

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Bella said...

That looks interesting. My only problem is that I don't really need the polish to last long because I'm gonna take it off in a day or two


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