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OPI Eiffel For This Color

Outdoor + No Flash

Indoor + Flash

This is a nostalgic polish for me, the very first OPI nail polish I ever bought. Full price and everything, from Trade Secret. The polish that started my obsession. Eiffel For This Color is from OPI's La Collection de France launched for Fall 2008. Supposedly it is a dupe for Lincoln Park After Dark, you can check that out here: EFTC vs LPAD .OPI calls this a wine shimmer; I call it gorgeous, beautiful, dazzling...any other synonym for beautiful you could think of. This was also my first foray into dark, vampy nail polish. Up until Eiffel For This Color, I would only paint my nails pink. I also had never bought brands such as OPI, Essie, Zoya, etc...

So this is like my "gateway" polish to my polish addiction and it holds a special place in collection. Plus isn't the name just perfect? It sums up the beginning of my love affair with polish! :-)

This is three coats + topcoat. Indoors it looks almost black, but in the sun I can see the deep gorgeous purple color. My bottle is pretty low, so I have a lot of polish around the neck of the bottle. For some reason, I have issues with this brush. It's so wide, the polish always gets on the skin surrounding my nails. I apologize for the messy areas around my nails and skin. Clean up is such a hassle with this one. I know their pro-wide brush is in all their polishes now but for some reason this one is just weird. That's my only complaint about this color.



Brooke said...

I agree with you on their pro-wide brush! It is just too wide for my nails and creates a huge mess, which is one of the reasons I don't have and don't like OPI very much.

I have this color though, it is so pretty! I only wished it looked the way it does in the sun all the time.

The Asian Girl said...

I've gone from loving the pro-wide brush to hating it but now I've compromised with it. It just takes practice. (I started hating it because I started buying other brands of polish with reasonably-sized brushes.) It's a gorgeous color, I think it might be my next NOTD! I haven't had the chance to wear out my vampy colors in a while.

adorepink said...

Brooke: I love OPI and thier Pro-Wide brush most of the time, this one just happens to be wonky. lol

The Asian Girl:Practice makes perfect and as much as I've been painting my nails, I am still trying to get it down!

Lucy said...

I love love this color. Looks pretty on you. I wish there was a little spotlight that would glow on our nails when we are inside.


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