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More Claire's Polish

Here's the second of my BOGO 50% off polish I got at Claire's. These don't have names on them so um, here's black:

The cool thing about this polish is that right in the handle they include loose glitter! Or in my case, silver stars! Good concept right? Here's what the top looks like:
I couldn't wait to try this out. The polish I had no problem with. Nice formula, went on smooth and the brush was better than the Claire's Mixable polish. It seemed wider and thicker. The handle wasn't even awkward to hold, seeing as it looks longer than my usual polishes. Does this cool bottle translate into a good manicure? Well, judge by the pictures yourself.

So I tried to shake the glitter out and it went everywhere! Since I wanted to do this while my polish was not all the way dry and still just a little tacky, there was no rearranging the stars without messing the polish up. So I let the chips fall where they may. This is not a very smooth manicure. These are big stars to be on nails and some of them are stacked on top of each other. This is two coats of the Claire's polish and I sealed with Seche Vite.

This is a very good concept, but maybe it would have went better if I had gotten a polish with smaller loose glitter. Or if I had waited until my polish was all the way dry so that I could arrange the stars on my nails.


Susan said...

I think it looks good! Thanks for sharing! Sue

Brooke said...

I think it looks very cute, but I can imagine that some of those stars have some semi sharp edges!

Maybe next time dump them on the table and then pick them up one by one and place where you want.

Either way I think it looks really cute!

Dee said...

I like it a lot! To go further with what Brooke just said, you could scatter them on paper or something, and while your polish is still tacky, not totally dry, you could lay your fingernail over the star and hopefully it would pick it up. That might give you greater control, without going to the trouble of trying to pick up each little star with the tweezers! Good luck!

adorepink said...

Susan: Thanks for stopping by :-)

Brooke: They do have sharp edges, but they are so small they slip out of my hands. I want to try to pick them up individually like you suggested next time

Dee: Thats a good idea too, I hope it doesnt mess up the polish around the star though. Sometimes tacky polish is dentable. <-- Thats not a word. lol

Lucy said...

Love the polish but I'd rather have the stars inside the polish. I can imagine how tough it would be to pick those little stars up. Good luck!


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