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Zoya Trinity + A Little Nail Art

Today's polish is one that's already been done, but I think it deserves better pictures. This Zoya's Trinity, their website describes it as a "duochrome hot pink purple with subtle pink metallic highlights." I love this color! I got it during the Zoya Polish Exchange just from looking at swatches on The Polish Addict. It's one of my favorite pinks. This was originally supposed to be a polka dot manicure but it is getting late and I am getting frustrated. I love polka dots so much and it bothers me that I cant get them right. The polish gets so thick and stringy before I can finish two nails, so those look okay, but after that, the following nails look terrible. Why? Why?!
Also, I have no idea what that is on my index finger. Blame it on...I don't know. I'm going to sleep. Thanks for reading...
:-) Lachelle


B said...

I love that pink. It's rockin'! I think I have one similar to it by Zoya but the name escapes me at the moment. And I'm lovin' the "firework" in the middle.

Lucy said...

That is such a gorgeous pink. I also love your fireworks on one finger. Nice job and the pink looks so pretty on you.

adorepink said...

B: Thanks, now I know what to call that thing on my nail. Its a firework! lol

Lucy:Thanks, I love this pink so I'm glad you think it looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love it on you!I gave you an award today on my blog and then I saw that you had given me one!!Thanks!!

Tammyanka said...

Never heard of that brand. But I love the color ( note to self: look for said brand in said color)

Anonymous said...

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