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A Little Bad News

Hello to anyone who reads my blog,

Thanks for stopping by! I have a little dilemma on my hands. I've stated that I'm a newbie to this polish addict thing and a college student. Well, these two things don't exactly mix well for my budget. :-) Bottom line...I have bills to pay on my part-time job budget and buying polish over bueno. LOL. I think I have shown you most of my polish collection so far, but I will have to start posting less frequently. I wont abandon the blog completely, I promise. Believe me I don't want to. Blogging is sort of therapeutic...
I'm trying to look on the bright side; I graduate next May but then its on to grad school. However, I do believe I will have a full time job. So then I can support my habit more!

Once again, thanks for your support and wonderfully nice comments!


The Asian Girl said...

This reminds me of something my best friend (a currently unemployed full-time grad student) said..."I want these Coach rain boots that I saw at Dillards the other let's see, buy the rain boots or feed" My retort: "Nice priorities you've got there."

Sorry to hear the news. :( There are other ways of extending the polish collection without extending your wallet: layering and frankening! Wish you the best!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Send me your address. I'll ship you some polishes. I have more than enough to share.

I love that you're a young lady w/her priorities in order!

adorepink said...

The Asian Girl: Oh wow, she picked the coach boots? She's gonna be one hungry girl with cute boots! lol
Thanks for the suggestions. I've been thinking about getting into more nail art to spice up my collection.

PBG: Wow, thats soooo nice of you! Youre an incredible lady!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Just wondering if you're a member of

If so, you can put polish up for swap, which is basically trading unused/unwanted polish for colors you will like and enjoy.

It is free to join and the only cost is the shipping/supplies for mailing, which can be really low if you stay within your country.

And like the Asian Girl said, layering and frankening are both cheap and creative ways to spend your time instead of money.


P.S. I'm doing a giveaway this week on my blog- check it out!

adorepink said...

I am a member of MUA, I dont post a lot thought, I should start :-)
I hadnt thought about the swap thing though, good idea, thanks.
I'm gonna check out your blog though.
Thanks for stopping by!

Denny said...

Hi there. I'd hate to see you give up something that you find therapeutic. I just did the Zoya swap and I have 10 new bottles coming my way and I would love to send you 10 of mine (that I hardly use) b/c I have about 100! Can you believe that?!? Really, I am glad that I found out about another brown girl blogger and you can't go now!!! Email me your info.


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